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So initially, I didn’t have any bad feelings for her as we were good friends. But seeing my Bengali colleague’s beautiful eyes every day can grow ...ust in anyone’s mind, and so was true for me.I also had a fantasy of fucking an office colleague. But as we were friends, I controlled my feelings until one fine day when our fate had thought something else for us.It was a Friday in June, and I had to finish some important work on that day itself. My supervisor had told me strictly that no matter how. And we returned to the common room, while Ranjita was still on the bed lying like a log, I pulled Nimmi below me and pushed my dick into her cunt.Nimmi was wet already and was supporting me. She said, “jeez How come you have so much stamina? You fucked her out of senses and yet again you are ready to fuck me?€ I said, “dear it is not magic, this is because I drink a lot of love juice. Now you are drinking it and soon you will see, you also will have a never ending urge to do sex.” She. I too removed her saree and petticoat she was not wearing a panty and the juices from the pussy are flowing over her huge whitish thighs I licked the juices and went to her pussy squeezing her thighs and her ass I licked her pussy lips and made it wet she urged me to have my cock into her pussy and widened her legs I kept my cock into her pussy slowly and started stroking her slowly she told me to fuck her slowly and increase the speed gradually. I took small breaks while stroking her in order. All the various forms of nobility were hanging around the audience chamber making light conversation about nothing and gossiping.As Rachel tried to look like she belonged she stood off to the side in a pretty light brown dress that was flowing, had a corset on the outside as part of its design, and the seamstress managed to include a pair of disguise pockets for it.The Queen was dressed in a satin white dress that was again tight, but instead of having cups the material was sheer and pulled.

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