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He thought this would give him the best angle to look up her short skirt again without being too obvious about it. But instead of looking up her skirt... Tommy was drawn to something else. It was what she was starting to do, and for some reason, it was making him nervous. Tommy saw Emily briefly scan his math and science homework, putting each one aside as she checked them, but things changed when she got to the English paper he had written. That paper was becoming a disaster. She started to mark. Again we planned on another day. It was a holiday. I was in my room. Soon rain started, again I was disappointed. But I insisted her to come. My roommates were presented on that day, which I informed her well before. She had no problem for this. She Came. Little rain water was on her hair. Closed the door. & finally the time came, we were all alone. We were on the bed. I kissed on her lips. Slowly I removed her clothes one by oneShe was bit hesitated to remove her dress. But she was also. It was hard and smooth. I was just getting wetter and wetter and flying towards a much needed orgasim. Then all of a sudden the man eating me out stood and plunged his cock into me. I was going to protest and make him stop but my body wanted him to fuck me. His hard young cock felt so good deep inside me. Then he stopped and puled out. The other young man pushed his cock into me as the other man started to kiss me, I could smell my own pussy on his face. As the second man slow fucked me. Did you not know that we monitor the activity on our network?"For the first time she faced Frank. Her hair, which had fallen around her face, made a nice frame for what Frank realized was a classically beautiful face. Like most teachers, she dressed down while teaching, and minimized her makeup. But now, sometime between the end of school and the time she knocked on his door, she had transformed herself into a very attractive, seductive young woman. It was painfully obvious what she was trying.

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