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Everyone started laughing at me. I didn't find it that funny. It was kind of humiliating. I got up and walked over to the sink and washed my face. The... i went home. I really heard about it that next week in school. Looking back, while i'm not happy about the way i lost my virginity, i'm kind of glad that i got that whole thing out of the way. And i never saw that boy again either. I still don't even know his name.Boyfuck #2 has been my only real satisfying sexual relationship with a guy. He. "He found it last week and had me rig it up where he could wear it likethat. He's been on this 'rescue dolphin' kick ever since, and isconvinced he's supposed to save some human with it. But we're sort ofout of the way from all the human places and don't get a lot of drowningvictims. I think you're the first in my whole lifetime. So he blew hisbig chance when he stopped to settle that starfish feud..." Which is probably just as well. Even if you and him got me fixed up andpushed me up to the. ” She again replied instantly, “I’m your dirty little pain slut master.”“Yes you are.” I spat on her face, “just a dirty pain slut only good for my amusement.” I growled at her.“Yes master.” She said with tears welling up in her eyes.“I want to hear you say it.” I told her.“I’m a dirty pain slut only good for you to use and abuse.” She said her voice cracking.I spat on her again, “that’s right you’re just a fuckhole for me to punish.”Sonia started crying and I felt bad thinking I had taken it a. I have got everything wrong. No, don't interrupt I need to get this out while it is still straight in my head. I didn't realise what I had in you. I have thrown away the best thing I will ever have. I thought I knew you, but I didn't. I should have known you were not going to roll over and let me take everything, but I mistook your grace for lack of resolve. You showed me I had misread you." I'm sorry to say I misread you too." I've been completely selfish, I always have been really. It was.

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