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Damn.“I will be all alone on the playa tonight,” she said in broken English. “You should look for me and we can make love under the stars.”“...hat about your friend?” I asked.“Oh, him,” she replied, “He is only a friend and he will be going home to his momma after dinner.”My mind was racing a thousand miles an hour. I returned to the table and my wife was still deep into a discussion with her dad. I was on my own, so it seemed.I told Maria I was going for a walk on the beach to smoke a cigar. She. Ed thought that would be the best way to describe her.She was tall, slightly taller than her boyfriend, and her hair was peroxide blonde. She was dressed in a tight pink top and tight cut-off denim shorts. Her longs, shapely legs ended in a pair of white shoes with high stiletto heels.Her breasts were so huge, they almost tore the t-shirt apart. Implants, Ed thought, they didn't even look real. But to be honest, they turned him on all the same.We men are funny that way, he thought. We can sit. Wilson was tapping his foot impatiently. ‘Can I put this bag in your car? It has all my extra clothes and personal effects. I’ll put my purse in there, too. If that’s okay with you?’ She gave him another smile. ‘Yeah, sure.’ He clicked on his keychain and the car beeped as it unlocked. He thought, ‘yeah, sure you bitch. You’re all smiles when you want something from a guy, but when it comes down to a guy wanting you to put out a little then he’s out of luck.’ He locked the car door once she. She stands and makes her way, naked, through the dark hotel room. Her long legs and slender white butt are just visible in the early morning light rimming the curtains. She sees Mindy and Carly asleep in the other bed. The men have left. The room smells of sex. Lea shuts the door and turns on the light and fan. Sitting on the toilet, she glances at the counter top where a few hours before, she watched Carly get fucked. “Is that a puddle of come?” “I really need to pee, you guys.” “Go ahead..

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