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" You won't even get that from me. Bottoms are there to be made love to." He caressed hers to make the point."Stop it," she ordered. "We've got a ahead of us. There's no time for hanky-panky." Very good, miss. Fried or scrambled eggs?" Scrambled, please. Nothing like variety."They were away by half past nine and were all three back by half past twelve. They all had a drink and light lunch together and then the girls went upstairs to unpack and sort their rooms out. Bill went and did. I’m a talker, as my dad used to say. I like to fill the silences, but I like to think it’s not all mindless babble. We’d covered hockey earlier (admittedly one of my favorite subjects) so we just started getting to know each other a little. You know, small talk, only it wasn’t. He was easy to talk to and it was a bit of a drive, so once we got past all the what do you do, where are you from, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream, it turned more do you have a boyfriend (Not anymore), do you. Her mouth drooled as she panted and tried to catch her breath. One man grabbed her hair and as her head moved back and forth with the hard fucking he pulled her swollen lips onto his cock "Do you like this bitch? Do you want us to stop?" Uhh, uhh, no, please, uhh I love it, love it, don't uhh, stop, fuck me, fuck me, please, plea......" Sheres answer was interrupted as she was pounded by the two men and her mouth was roughly pulled onto the mans cock and he started fucking her face. The three. As we got to the end she turned around and faced me straight away she kissed me, I was backed against the wall and we were snogging ferously. She said between kisses "God I really fancy you", as she kissed my neck I could feel my cock stirring. Pulling apart I turned her around so she was against the wall, and kissed her in a commanding manner.She had her hand on the back of my head running it through my hair as I fondled her ample tits. She was moaning, I lifted her top up and she reached.

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