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"Madam, is it true that you fired at those men?"Chris looked up and she saw apprehension in the constable's face, a feeling she could relate to."Yes, ...onstable," she answered, slowly lifting both hands and joining them behind her head. "I'm a private security officer for Lambert&Norton. I am licensed to carry a firearm. My gun is in the holster on my left hip. There is one round in the pipe, seven in the mag, and the manual safety is on."She turned slightly, allowing the constable to pull the. “Behold the heart of the Naith’s bureaucracy,” said Queen Athirmi as we moved through the room. “They work around the clock in shifts. They make sure taxes are paid, slaves are administered, trade continues unabated, and our privateers are attacking the right targets. They deal with all the petty and trifling details that are just so boring but are necessary to keep an economy and nation running. Without them, well, Naith would have collapsed centuries ago.”I had no idea why she was showing. We didn't see anyone moving around, and Cindi said he was inside, asleep, so we went on in.I looked at Beth and Missy, and they both nodded. I hadn't noticed it before, but Beth was carrying a baseball bat. I raised my eyebrows at her and she asked, Andrews' door was unlocked, and we walked inside without being seen. I gave him a command to stay asleep, then we went into his bedroom. I started looking around for something to tie him up with. Beth smiled at me and said, She had almost five minutes of peace before the radio erupted again.“253 253 this is Dispatch”“This is 253 go Dispatch”“Trucker reported suspicious activity at truck stop near Benton off-ramp. Possible abduction. Black four door, possibly older model Ford with woman tied up in back seat. Possibly heading toward Saint Clair Highway. Highway Patrol is covering the Interstate.”“Good copy Dispatch. Moving to Intersection where Saint Clair Highway and Route W split.”TJ listened to Melanie direct Don.

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