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This time we stayed seating until everyone else had left the sanctuary. Some of the worshippers smiled at us knowingly as they passed us and I made a ...ental note of who they were. Other gave us stern, disapproving looks while still other looked away as they passed where we sat. I made a mental note to remember who they were as well. When we finally got up to leave the only other person left in the sanctuary was the usher who had returned our g-strings. When we reached where he stood by the. Typically, this would mean I was ready to finish but tonight was different. Shelby felt me grab her tighter and turned her head to say, "You going to finish for me baby?" I looked at her with a grin and said, "No."I turned Shelby over and pulled out a vibrator from underneath my pillow. Her eyes opened, surprised I brought another toy. I placed the toy against her clit and it sent her into an immediate state of euphoria. I grabbed my dick with my other hand and slapped in against her hole. I. I can’t take credit for it. You have to blame Gene and Curt, then Mary here. We were only there for about 20 minutes when Gene brought up this idea, and all of them wouldn’t stop talking about it until I agreed. As I said, I was coming back in two weeks and I knew that we would have all the time in the world then.’ ‘Scott, they told me that they would never break a confidence. They never said a word about you, they would listen and ask questions and hear what I felt, but they never told me. "Yes and you're right." I rubbed a hand over my face attempting to erase the last of the sleep."I'll take the upstairs bathroom can you make it to the one down here?" Kevin asked heading for the stairs."Yeah." I said more than happy that he understood.Once more clean and looking groomed I straightened up the living room, as best I could on one ankle and flipped on the tv. Kevin and I were seated chatting comfortably when Chaos entered the room in the form of my daughter."Mom! Mom, I got to see.

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