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Saturday morning came without any further mishap on her part. She tried to keep Mark at a distance, not wanting his father to guess what he was up to....What he was going to get up to on the cruise was something she never even considered.The night before Mark had stayed at Cathy's; she wasn't her usual ebullient self. "What's wrong Cathy?" he asked after he had just rolled off her, his cum deep in her now baby carrying womb. "You seem a little distracted." I'm sorry Mark, I think it might be. And I’m the asshole?” She lifts her head ever so slightly, bursting at the seams to plead her case. She knows she is not allowed to speak till I give her permission to. My stern stare made that perfectly clear to her. She fights back both tears and sobs. “What if you got hurt, Elizabeth?” I ask her. The genuine concern is unmistakable in my voice. Held back tears flow down her reddened cheeks. She begins to sob uncontrollably. I fight back my own urge to take her in my arms and let her cry. I couldn’t help it, and I smile wide. Seeing you naked on your hands and knees framed perfectly in the diminishing sunlight like a sunbeam. “Let start with your back, go on lie flat for me,” I say, my professionalism taking over but allowing my libido to let slip. “Oh… fuck me.”Hearing me, you playfully laugh saying, “Yes please … Jake." You reach behind yourself undoing the chains holding your top on. Continuing to look at me hungrily as you slip the jewelry from your voluptuous breasts. "Jake. The girls had been getting chatted up by these 5 guys for the last hour or so Marie was loving the attention as per usual and Emma had be kissing the face off one of the others and finally a couple of taxis pulled up and at the girls request we headed off for one of the lads houses which was closest to where we were. Marie and 4 lads went in one taxi and me kat Emma and her bloke went in the other. We had to stop a few times on the way cos kat and Emma both needed to piss and smoke cos they.

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