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We went to our room, freshened up, and changed into sundresses and sandals. When we returned to the lobby, the concierge said a table was being held f...r us and the hotel shuttle was outside to drive us there. After enjoying an amazing dinner, we strolled hand in hand the two miles back to the hotel, stopping along the way to check out some of the shops and popping into another nightclub for a short time. It was well after midnight when we finally strolled back into the hotel, holding hands and. He was getting too close. He loved it when she sucked him, but he didn’t want that now! He pulled her to her feet. ‘I want you!’ ‘How?’ Carla asked. She was puzzled. They’d have to get out and dry off. They couldn’t get in bed wet like this. ‘Bend over,’ Bert told her, his voice thick. ‘Like so.’ He showed her what he wanted and she did it, feeling his body brush hers as he moved behind her. ‘Oh God! Another new experience!’ Carla thought as he moved close behind her, his cock slapping the. If anyone were to look up, they might get a glimpse of her looking back down. If any of her neighbours were to look out their windows, they might see her, but she wasn't at all concerned at being seen. So unconcerned was she, that she raised her arms above her head, tilting her head back slightly, laughing, happily facing directly into the oncoming rain. She skipped and twirled on her balcony, the rain washing over her body.As she brushed her wet hair from her face, out of the corner of her. .. I laid down, stretched out and pulled her down next to me... We kissed for awhile, and my hand slid across her hard tummy... I leaned down and kissed her stomach, my tongue flicking over her belly button ring as she moaned her approval... I moved back up, but only as far as her neck... I kissed it gently until she begged me for more... I lifted her shirt up over her head, and my hands found her tits, first stroking her nipples through her bra, and then under... She took it off, and I went.

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