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.." I forgot I had it," yelled the cameraman; lying, because proximity had shown his worry earlier."Has it occurred to you that angels can tell when h...mans lie? Tell me another lie and I'll break your legs."He shut up, which gave the reporter the opening to start her own begging, "I didn't know!" she protested. "It was nothing to do with me!" Which is why I'm not going to punish you nearly as badly as I'm going to punish him, both for his disobeying my order and for lying to me."I started. " I'm sorry to hear that. I'll let you know what happens when the meeting with the Dean is over. It'll probably happen shortly after lunch either today or tomorrow." Thanks, Bert, I have to be back on campus this afternoon to pick up Kay. We can talk then if you've got anything." We'll talk this afternoon, maybe, but now let me go, so I can call the Dean's office."I had about four hours before I had to go back for Kay and I had about eight hours of work to get done. I got started.Kay's turn:I'm. She came in and said me thanks. I was nervous that I may get caught and thinking that how to keep it back. She prepared tea and gave it to me. We started to chat sitting in the hall.Sudden she looked at me curiously and came near to me and moved my shirt color aside. She saw the strap inside my shirt. I was caught.She asked me what this is. I was ashamed of what I have done. I didn’t saw her face and said I was just trying to wear it and explained what I have done. She started to laugh and I. . that's a Rolls Royce Limousine. You can't go hauling hammers and stuff in it ... that car cost twelve thousand dollars." Too bad. Let's go."They stopped at the bank."Hi Jimmy ... I need a couple of thousand dollars." Hi Mr. Huntly ... Ernie. How do you want it?" How ever you got it, Jimmy. No hundreds though, people won't have change." I don't have that much in the drawer, Ed ... I've got sixteen hundred ... that's every bill in the bank. I got another five in gold ... want it?" Yes." Ed.

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