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I’d decided against a taxi as it was only a 20 minute walk and besides the fresh air would help clear my head and sober me up before I’d get to be.... About half way and I started to regret not taking that taxi the shoes I’d warn were definitely not practical for this length of a walk and the short black mini skirt which had looked super sexy on me earlier kept riding up and every few steps I was forced to keep pulling it down to cover up my arse.An alley way was coming up that I’d forgotten. "How close are you?" Real close." Right. You better fuck her then. Don't want to waste, none."I dreaded what was coming next as I watched Jake toss the smartphone on the opposite couch, before unfastening his belt.Free from her cock sucking duties, Dawn could finally breath. She coughed and spluttered as buckets of saliva ran in streams from her mouth and hung from her chin.My love looked a filthy mess.Ryan grabbed the shaft of his club-like cock and slapped it hard across Dawn's face. He. no please''''i want to fuck yours cute ass yo ulove it look ''''ahhhh fuck no Iza no i dont''2 of her finger pluging in me''fuck iza this is weird''''no let it go stop this cute ass is mine ''her finger going deep and making me feel it again ''shit no nooooooo'''i shook and cum in her mouth she swallowed looking at me feeling shy''you way faster when i fuck your ass''''its so cute how shy you are about loving it ''getting on my face''eat me now , you been a good boy''i lick her feeling. However between the battle and crash landing, the core engines and Light speed Drive were badly damaged, stranding the Ithaca on the ground. Under the guidance of Commander Romo, the ship's crew was able to establish a makeshift base around the ship's unloading ramp, erecting barracks, a mess hall, an armory, and forward command center all surrounded by 20 ft concrete walls and protected by over a dozen manned turrets. The damage to the ship would take months to repair with a limited crew and.

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