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I wasn’t to hungry so I just ate a ham sandwich and locked the front door, shutting off the lights along the way to my bedroom.Thump thump ….thum... thump. I woke up startled to loud thumping noises like someone throwing bounce balls at my back door, I reached into my dresser drawer pulling out my pistol William had given me.Walking slowly down the hall pistol out in front of me I turned into the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks there was some on standing outside my backdoor oh my god I. I could not sleep i was just thinking of my aunt….my tool was getting hard thinking about her….then some how i got some courage n i went to her room. I set on her bed n slowly place my hand on her boobs…..this was first time i have touch a boob that too with clothes on……she was still in deep sleep then i sleep beside her n just went near to her lips… was full of juice….i put my lips on her…n started kissing her…..I was in heaven….her lips were so soft……(dear how is ur lips) then i got some. While hewas very excited, the energy he'd expended in gathering the courage to dothis had taken a toll, and he drifted into slumber.When Scott awoke, he felt very different. Which shouldn't have surprisedhim, since he was now a she. She got up and checked out her new, nakedbody. Scott's sister, Andrea, was a fitness fanatic, and there was almostno fat on the body Scott found herself the owner of. Her breasts werefirm, with no sag, her tummy taught and flat, above the flat groin whereher. You put your arm around me and draw me close to your side. My head rests on your shoulder, and I let my hand rest on your chest, so I can feel your strong, steady heart beat under it. A sigh of contentment escapes from my very soul as your lips brush my temple. I ask you how your day was, and you tell me it was nothing out of the ordinary. I am glad as I hate to think of you being stressed at any time of the day. We sip our wine, and you ask, "What's for supper?" I smile to myself,.

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