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After unfastening my seat-belt I leaned over and released his alreadyerect member and took it deep into my mouth. I wanted to please my Masterso much ...hen he touched me like that! I could think of nothing else oncemy clit had been activated except making my Master cum.His hand held the back of my head and forced me to take deeper and deeperuntil I choked and gagged on him. My desperate attempt to please him onlydrove him further into a lust filled desire to quickly empty his balls."Not so fast. Certainly the latter were going to arise, I was sure, because they always did, and, being a sucker for virgins, I knew it was basically useless to resist if I was sure the young woman in question was appropriately discreet. There seemed to be no real shortage of those girls, despite the changing social conditions. That said, I fully expected that within no more than ten years I’d be ‘too old’ even for the most determined and adventurous girls.Dalliances were another question, and I’d had. The thrill is intense for both of us. Lori has nevergotten actually knocked up, yet… she did get a STDafter fucking a room full of construction workers, butthat has not deterred her at all from fulfilling mysexual fantasy. She does not really like to admit itbut she enjoys unprotected sex, but will protest beforehand just to get me really worked up about it.Let me tell you some about Lori, she is now 35, blonde,green eyes, 5’3″, 115lbs, 34b-25-34. She has afantastic body and. . after Lot escapes Sodom and Gommorah, who does he sleep with?”“His daughters.”“Is it an evil act?”“No.”“How many people survive on the Ark?”“Noah and his family.”“Is that everyone?”“Yes.”“And how do they replenish the world?”“What do you mean?”“Who do they procreate with?”“Each other.”Our family’s not really religious—I think Dad might have been, but Mom never really got into it. Until I persuaded Mom to “help me with some homework” by reading select Bible verses, I doubt she’d ever read a.

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