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I said cool let me finish my drinks then i'm out too! I went to use the bathroom first then came back to finish my drinks. I haven't notice at first b...t, when i looked around the bar got full & it was a really funny crowd. I down my drink & headed out the door quick.Now i'm walking towards my bus stop, but you can feel when some one's following you. I got a lil nervous so i hurry a dip in this alley so i can see who it is & be ready for what ever happens. I hide in this cut & somebody walk in. Well, not like that, not in a sexual way.”“You could have fooled me,” Charly grinned. “I’ve never kissed a woman like that either. It was incredible. Your tongue did things I didn’t think were humanly possible. It made me wonder what it could do elsewhere.”Noelle laughed, “So, what kind of foreplay did you have in mind in order for me to see those delicious melons of yours?”Charly laughed so hard, she nearly snorted, “You did not just call them melons! Too funny!” Then she added, “Give me. After her work was done, she brought me juice and we started talking casually. And she accidentally dropped the glass on the floor and bent to pick it up.That was it! Her ass was the sexiest curves I had ever seen. I couldn’t control myself anymore. My dick was erect like the Eiffel Tower.I grabbed my sexy principal’s ass and she suddenly jumped.“Hey! What are you doing! I am your Principal!”, she shouted.I said, “I am sorry, Ma’am! I couldn’t control myself!”She said, “It’s okay.. I. I claim no credit for the lyrics. Zara * Kirsten gazed despondently out of her office window at the black clouds rising above the horizon to gradually mask the blue of a summer sky. The gathering gloom seemed to blend with her mood. She sighed and murmured, ‘A storm in summer, well, if there’s going to be one, no point in trying to avoid or delay it.’ She quickly shut down her computer, put away all her files, and picking up her bag made her way out of her office, rather dreading the short.

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