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)So this morning I was in the second day of my hunger strike, and itlooked to me like they were starting to bend. Like gee, maybe this wassomething se...ious to me, and not some weird way that I'd chosen to actout. Although I sure was hungry. I wished I had one of those "The Works"omelets they made down at the IHOP; and a side of hash browns, onlycooked more thoroughly than that white greasy glop they served. Maybesome onions mixed in-And suddenly there it was on the desk next to my computer.. The taste was strange but not offensive. I wasn't sure then what it was but I knew it came out of his dick and that the only thing that came out of my dick was nasty. Finally the stream abated and he semi-collapsed over me as he regained his breathe."Not bad for the first time" he said. "Not great, but you'll learn."He turned off of me and laid down on his back next to me. The other night after he had shot his load on my stomach he had handed me tissues, told me to go to the bathroom and. Even though it was impossible for the Kirrix to hear him, John couldn’t help lowering his voice, speaking to his petite pilot in a hushed whisper. “Looks like Calara was right ... I just see drone carriers out there.”“They’re in protective high-orbit above the hive ships,” Faye replied quietly, matching his volume. “We’re picking up a mass of sensor contacts on Carolus III directly below this position.”John did a quick count of the enormous Kirrix capital ships. “I make it 32 carriers ... they. . Sarah has said she wants a baby while she is still young.”“You mean that Sarah wants to ... hook up with me?” I asked quietly.“That expression is older than you are. In her words, she would like ‘to be fucked unconscious, ‘“ Delia remarked.“I don’t necessarily know how to do that dear. Could you help me learn, D?” I asked using my long-lost nickname I had for her when she was only five years old.She moved back up so we were face to face again, and we kissed and kissed. I was poised to push my.

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