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Now to the incident that changed my sexual life.My uncle and his son Muthu came to our home for business dealings. My uncle is a jovial guy while his ...on is of shy type. Muthu just completed his board exams and was in his teen age. He was plumpy, short and fair. My parents gave them a warm welcome. They were discussing few things in the hall. I came down from balcony in my T-Shirt and shorts. My uncle was glad to see me. We had a little chat. I spoke formally to Muthu. Muthu was envious of my. Her reply was why was it wrong, we were both consenting adults, we are not harming anyone and she was so pleased to be able to help the son that she loved. By this time my arousal was so great all I could think about was the feelings that she was giving me. I told her that I had never felt such sensations before and she replied that only a Mother could be so gentle and said that I should just lie back and enjoy what was happening. She continued with her stroking and the feelings she was giving. “Hey, I’m gonna help you all I can, at least it won’t be me getting thrown out of a window this time.”“Jesus, how many times I gotta say I’m sorry about that?”Cash grinned. “I’ll let you know when you reach it. Did you get some stuff together like I asked when you called?”“Here’s Caroline’s schedule for the last six months, the schedule for the next three months, cell phone bills and all the credit card info.” I slid the folder over to him.“You on all of these?”“Not her business credit. How in the hell do you loose a job at a friggin Jiffy Lube? Linsey was a nurses aide at the hospital but it only paid $9,75 an hour, not nearly enough for the kids to have their own place so here they were, home with momma!The springs quit squeaking and she heard the patter of footsteps going down the hallway to the only bathroom in the house and she presumed it was Linsey getting ready for work. When her door creaked open sometime later she awoke with a start. She looked at the bedside clock.

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