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The overall effect, like everything else I had worn over the pastfew days, was cleverly designed to reveal precisely everything thattraditional outfit... were meant to conceal - and to do it in the mostgraphic, erotic manner! My titties and my bum were thrust out in the mostshameless way. Moreover, now that I noticed it, my clitty was very, verystiff!Thinking of my clitty, it was the next little item up for decoration.Maria produced the most incredible peenie petal yet. It was the samedesign that. I thinkwe can call this area done, lets go to the salon. I know several of youhave been there..."She leads off and again we file along behind her, round the corridors tothe large pink area that denotes the salon. There's a bored receptionistchewing bubble gum looking away from us as we enter. She glances round,and sneers at us, then gasps as she sees mistress Thorne and the bubblebursts over her face."H.. hello Mistress Thorne.." she stammers wiping the gum off her face."You were expecting us?". He placed his hand behind her head and kissed her passionately, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. She was unable to resist him and kissed back withthe same fervor, pressing her body against him as he slid one hand under her T-shirt, gently kneading her boob. The other hand slid down her thigh to her ass and then squeezed it gently. She looked down and saw his cock was making a tent in his shorts and she instantly felt wetness between her legs. She slid her hand down to his groin and felt his. He had lost track of time."My napkin fell." She looked at him. He searched her face, hesitating a few seconds."I'll get it for you." Nick pulled his pants up at the knee an inch, loosening the fabric before getting on his knee. His face was eye level with her breasts. Sarah looked around and seeing no interest directed at them, pulled her shoulders back, effectively pressing her breasts forward. He watched in awe as she brought her thumb and forefinger to her nipples and quickly pinched each.

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