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I called on Melony (her stage name) to come up, the guys looked at me all clearly thinking, ‘I thought this was a lads’ night?’ Their expression... soon changed when Melony emerged one step at a time. She looked stunning in her matching red lingerie set I had asked her to wear. Each step revealed more of her outfit, firstly a tight fitting and strapless corset which showed off and improved her already amazing figure and left her toned arms bare. A matching lace red thong barely covering her. With my right hand, I reach out and finger his balls, running my fingernails gently across them, cupping them in my palm, massaging gently as I continue to suck his hard cock and ride his brother’s. “Mmmm…” I moan, loving the feeling. I move faster on Will’s lap, keeping his cock deep inside me now and lifting myself up for short, intense strokes. “Oh yes, Nikki…I love how you’re fucking me…” Will gasps. These men are worshipping me…I have both of them exactly where I want them. Nothing their. ‘Pretty much memory central. I won’t take you to the ‘repressed’ section just yet, I’ll need to give you some firearms training first.’ Bronwyn keeps pace but is visibly taken aback by his comment. The words tick over in her mind as she comes to a realisation. ‘Can- Can I die here?’ she asks, her nerves breaking through the solid demeanour. ‘No. Or at least, I can’t. I’m pretty sure you can’t either.’ Jayce rubs his beard, thinking. ‘How do we get back?’ ‘Ah,’ Jayce stops and turns to the. “Ky first rule to learn never get to impatient with a woman. If you go to fast you will never truly own her.” she informed me. “Now what we are going to do tonight is teach you about a woman's body and how to treat her in bed. So come over here and watch until I tell you to do something.” She told me as she waved her hand to the other side of April. I could tell both women were excited as I could see the nipples sticking straight out. April was hot, she had Short blond her that wrapped around.

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