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. her arse was so plump and firm I could of kept my hands there all night squeezing it, but before I new I the song finished and we both went bk to are drinks was and drank some more. I looked over to the lads and they was still chatting away to the girls from the hen party and at that point Karen said to me where's your friends which I relayed over there chatting up birds, she said "oh I" is this what you lads get upto when your out, I said most of them do lol, she replied so not you. Hairy armpits are quite rare and I watched in fascination, I'm not a freak or anything, but soon those hairy armpits were something I kept an eye out for. Unlike a lot of guys, I don't mind hairy women, I think because my first experience of naked women were readers wives in old top shelf mags, and they quite often boasted full bushes, and I lost my virginity to a girl who was unshaven. In fact when she shaved a few weeks later I was a little disappointed, and found her utterly bald pussy a bit. At the end, when we were all out for our last curtain call and Minaslavska came up, as is usual, to join in the last bow, I got the best compliment of all. He hopped into the line between Camilla and me and first leaned over to say something to her that I couldn't hear, and then turned to me. Even with the applause thundering I heard every word. "I was wrong, Volker," he told me. "Was wonderful, best Germont ever that I conduct." And he embraced me right there in front of the clamoring. Someone was watching porn, so I stopped to prepare myself, then crept closer and peered through the door, which was just ajar.There was another sound, rhythmic and deep, snoring, it was daddy, a man on the verge of alcoholism since mother had walked out on us.I was just about to push the door open, when a sudden movement caught the corner of my eye, my k** sister Amber, she was removing her top, and as I adjusted my view, she was completely naked, and masturbating, with our father lying.

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