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Even though its more than 20 years ago it still seems like yesterday tomeI can only blame myself for agreeing and Shirley my sister for askingand of c...urse lets not forget the lovely Emma for landing me in itRight up to my neck and probably way, way higher than thatI'm not sure if it's a shooting offence but then again if I had a gun Iwould most probably have shot the beautiful pair of themAlways a sucker for a pretty faceAs it turned out that face was mine, interested? Then dear reader. I nodded and he offered me his hand. We shook, and I said, "Want to be one of my groomsman?" Hell ya, man," Chris answered, then he looked around. "What does your fiancee think of this?" She's upstairs getting ready to go out with her girlfriend," I answered. "She loves having all these sex slaves."I explained the situation and Chris selected Desiree to be his personal attendant and Desiree was pushing him back onto the couch and fishing his cock out and sucked into her mouth. Chris moaned,. "There," she said with some satisfaction, and gave it a sharp slap.An involuntary erotic spasm coursed through his lower abdomen, shifting his erection. The onlookers murmured approval and one clapped. He felt a flush of embarrassment pass over him, also visible, and he basked in his humiliation."OK, now go over to those posts. Face the room and grasp the handles." There were two posts, a couple of feet taller than he was, fastened to the floor, with shaped wooden pegs, like straight coat. Well, I think she said that just to flatter me because I am just an average looking guy.The D day arrived. As planned her husband left for his business early in the morning and she was all alone in her home. She messaged me as soon as he left and told me to come to her home by 10 am.I reached her home and rang the bell. As the door opened, there stood my beautiful goddess in her pink nightgown. She had just gotten out of the shower and was waiting for me. She invited me inside and I closed the.

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