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“Would you like another hot chocolate?” Dan asked at the washroom door.“Sure, I’d love one, thank you.” Abby hesitated before going into the...women’s washroom.“I’ll meet you outside the door,” he said, reading her thoughts, and she nodded her agreement. Dan used the washroom and took several extra pieces of paper towels to wipe up his cum stains from the floor.Dan was soon waiting for Abby outside the door as promised. She came up to him, and his nostrils flared, breathing in the fresh scent of. Please, I’m serious; besides, I’m ready for Willy right now!”I got between her legs and started to paint her gash with my cockhead, it didn’t need any work. She said “Push.” I slid in balls deep without any effort. “God you were ready weren’t you” “How come you are so horny?” “I just am PUSH!” I didn’t need any more information. I started stroking that tight creamy cunt with a steady rhythm. “Fuck me hard and faster…ungh…faster…push..Just like that please don’t stop!” “I love getting a piece of. The image of a stranger came to his mind. Well, not really a stranger but the young androgynous person he ran into at the laundromat with piercings and strange tattoos. Michael saw himself there, at the laundromat, the sounds of swirling washers and the drums of multiple dryers, like some sort of strange urban mating call, that made the androgynous person sink to his knees before Michael and take him into his mouth. Just as the open mouth was to take him in, the image changed and he saw Cindy. "Hal, this is Jean Howcroft, my roommate. Jean, meet Hal Berglund, my rescuer in European History." Nice to meet you, Hal," she said, clearly nervous."Nice to meet you too," I responded. I pulled back my chair and sat."You've surprised me, Renata. I expected something a bit less elegant than this. It's really very nice and the smells are driving me crazy." Good, glad to hear it," she grinned. "Bruno insisted on it and I was hoping you'd be pleased too. Have you been here before?" Ah, no. It's a.

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