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The firm hold of her bonds reminded her of his embrace: safe, secure, strong. She closed her eyes and exhaled as he circled her. She was on full displ...y for him, and she relished the feeling it gave her. Her arousal was already obvious to him. "I see you have prepared yourself for me." "Yes Sir," she replied softly. "Let's open a little wider then." She obeyed without hesitation. "That's a good girl," he said as he traced his fingers up her inner thighs to where he could feel her heat. Her. Sveta stayed behind me and I could feel her exotic sexy body start rubbing against mine in a very erotic way. As her body moves tried to excite me more, the girl carressed my cock with her tender hand, rubbing it against Olya’s mouth. My girlfriend’s moans were breathed out straight on the head of my cock and it drove me crazy so much. Olya was a smart girl and she understood what she had to do when she saw my hard cock swaying from side to side. The girl just opened her mouth and took it down. She was proper nice, blonde hair, quite long, pretty features, quite big tits, bought her a few drinks.I said i was going, said good bye and thanks, and left the bar, whilst walking down the road, i heard my name being called, so i turned and there was nicola, sort of running in her heels to talk to me, her dress was hot, a short leather looking thing in pink. She said she liked me, but thought i did not like her, so I told her she was fit and she let out a cute giggle, man, her eyes were so. She could hear a group of boys behind her whistle and one shouted 'Show us your ass babe!' Kayla tutted in utter disgust and walked on into school. She put on a happy face, and pulled her skirt up before turning to walk into the main hall. The main hall was where all the students came in the morning before class. Lauren lived just around the corner so was always the first one there, Kayla however lived 12 miles from the school. Her family moved away from that area back in Summer 2008 but Kayla.

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