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I mean, getting to put on a nice dress and cute heels and having cute boys admire me wasn't a bad way to spend the night. And from what I've seen late...y, he's certainly grown up some.” There had been one night when she'd seen Mark masturbating but he hadn't noticed her. Erica had certainly never mentioned it to him. Now she smiled at Jennifer who said, “Fine, fine. But if Mark starts hitting on you again, that's on your head.” In recent months, Erica had dated one of the lawyers in her firm. The moment I sucked her nipples, she was screaming like anything. Her moan was in the entire room. Her nipple was erected like a stick, and I took her entire areolae into my mouth. I massaged her nipples with my lips and, at the same time, tickling its tip with my tongue.I gave some small bites, and she wanted aggressive bites. I shifted to her other booby and did the same. My boner was very tight and couldn’t be in the inner. As I was playing with her boobs, she released my cock from the. “Correct!” She said as she took my hand in her warm grasp and held it there as she looked into my eyes.I felt a surge of excitement course through my body at her touch. I couldn’t help myself and looked at her beautiful breasts. The way her cleavage was presented by her dress was so erotic.I glanced up and realized I had been caught. I blushed, my face becoming a giant ripe tomato.“Do you like what you see?”“I’m sorry; you make it awfully hard to look at your face. I mean, you have a beautiful. "Thought so." He took a large drink from the glass and added. "Hopefully that will focus your thoughts on the lesson next week or as I say we will be revisiting my desk and your trousers will be around your ankles. You understand my boy?"His face was bright red at the words as he squirmed in his chair at the thought of another whacking.“Well boy.”“Yes sir,” He answered and then cursed himself for replying like when he was a schoolboy to a teacher.”“Good. Then we both know where we stand.”There.

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