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I came down till her thighs and she asked me to go down a bit. I was almost near her buttocks with my right hand almost near her pussy. I stretched he... left leg and asked me put my hand between her pubic region and one on thigh and press it. I did what she told me. I then asked her to spread her other leg and gave her same kinda stretching again. She asked me if I could just simply dry massage her buttocks as they were paining a bit. I said ok. I started dry massaging her buttocks and also put. As we kissed, I released her nipple and ran my hand down across her stomach and between her legs. I felt her pull back away from my hand, which pissed me off… not a real good thing to do when she was already in trouble! ”What the fuck do you think you are doing, pulling away from my hand?” ”I told you I am a little shy about my body, Master.” ”Well it’s about fucking time you got over that!” SLAP! I struck her tit hard with my open palm. SLAP! SLAP! I saw tears forming in the corner of her. Not only did the boys seem to move naturally as girls, but also her pussy was too wet to continue. She wanted to see them naked and hard. Wanted their tongues in her pussy and their mouths and hands on her breasts. She wanted to watch them suck and fuck each other and she wanted their hard cocks in her holes.Calming herself a bit, she said, ?That was very good girls. I am pleased.?With the boys standing in front of her she slowly raised her hands up to her breasts. Cupping one tit in each hand,. I felt giddiness and leaned on him. As if blessing me, he kept his one hand on my head. His other hand was on my back and he pulled me to him. He was strong and I just stood still. For a moment my breasts pressed his chest and then he left me wishing me and gave Prasad. An electric current was flowing in my body and I was red hot. I could not properly walk back to house. On reaching I noticed that I had completely wet myself. Somehow, I felt all good and happy. Got good sleep and next day even.

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