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I will use Bill and Connie to protect there identity. Bill was over 6 foot tall and 200 pounds and Connie was a sexy 5 7 with 34B natural breasts. We for a drink at a small bar and had some good conversation. After a few drinks and watching her give him the “OK” they asked me to follow them to their house. It was a short car ride but I wanted to stop for a 6 pack of beer so they gave me their address and went on.The not knowing sucks yet I was very nervous. It seemed like it took forever. But he pulled out and pushed me back on to the bed pulled my legs apart ripped my thong off and pushed his hard cock into my pussy it was all I could do from not screaming out with pleasure as my husband was lying next to me oblivious as to what was happening to me,He pumped his cock into me and his pace got quicker I was about to have an orgasm as he really fucked me hard I had no control over what he would do to me,As I was about to cum I felt him explode inside me it was too late now as he. “Speaking of my release, do you have any idea when that might be? I know I haven’t asked about it so far, but I’m running out of books and I’d really like to be home now that all the bandages are off and I’m pretty much on the mend.”“Well, I’d been planning on keeping you in for another day or two,” she said, considering it. “How do you feel? Any lingering pain?”“Some in my chest, but I can breathe freely and unless I take a really deep breath, it doesn’t really hurt all that much,” I told her.. They played around in the water for a while before they decided to get some sun. Behind the wind breaker Ellie Mae and Jethro had virtual privacy as granny and Jedd listened to country music on the truck,s radio. Ellie Mae had handed a tube of sun cream to Jethro and let him rub some in her legs, then her face and shoulders. “If,n I lower my top will you rub some in my titties Jethro?” she asked mischieviously. “Sure Thing Ellie Mae.” He agreed as she bared her small pert breasts to him so he.

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