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She tried to stand up but noticed she couldn’t. She looked down her body and her eyes widened in surprise and fear.“Hnnngggggg!” She started scr...aming through her gag and struggled wildly against her bonds.I laughed at her sudden realization of her predicament. I stood up and slowly moved towards her.“Relax, Miss Taylor. If it’s any consolation, I did not touch you anywhere inappropriate.”“Hnnnngh!!” Lyana thrashed her body, making the chair tilt backward. I swiftly moved and caught her. " Apparently. Now I know what I'm missing out on." She paused for a second, then smiled up at me and said "You seem to know what you're doing. But uh, would you mind taking your hand off my bum?" "Oh, sorry."I sure as hell wasn't sorry, and I sure as hell hadn't had enough of touching her ass.I raised my hand and brought it down fast and hard, spanking her with a loud smack."Hey! What the hell?!" she shouted.I blurted out the first, albeit lame excuse I could think of. "I still owe you eighteen. ...!" (Keeping his name private just in case someone I know runs into this) I yelled "MMMMM YESSS F... GIVE ME THE COCK BABY! FUCK MY TIGHT HOLE HARDER BABY! UGHHH THIS HOLE IS YOURS BABY CLAIM IT MMMMM CLAIM IT BABY!" All of my yelling must have triggered something because he began to show me just how harder he can fuck me. And I enjoyed ever second of it. He stopped thrusting and took his cock out, but before I could question why he stopped I felt a super wet tongue in my hole. This made me. Curious, but also wary, I did follow the line and it led quite happily to a small cave which my guardian had lined with grasses covered with palm leaves and in the cave that same palm frond tray was there once again filled with foodstuffs. It was quite a nice shelter considering what there was around to work with. Again I accepted my hidden protector's hospitality and moved into the shelter.This hidden support went on for several days, some sort of gift or aid being left each time I slept. I.

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Danish Noisy Master indian porn

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With paid Randi

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