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" she grunted, "splash her spunk you fucker." Wham, she throated 12 inches, and came back up fast. "See that you bastard, your cock is mine! Arrgh... cum on me, cum on my face!" Wham, she impaled herself again, and throated him twice, taking down 14 inches of cock meat. "Arrgh, aargh, cm, cum, cum!" she screamed, fisting the dick between in hands. And the mystery man did not disappoint her. With the intensity of a firehose the massive cock forced an enormous flood of milky cum into her. After another minute, in which I heard clothes rustling, the door opened, and I heard her voice…“OK, close your eyes again, but this time for real. I want you to be surprised!”This time I did as she asked, and kept my eyes shut, although I was dying to open them. I heard the sound of heels walking across the floor, and then she said…“OK, open your eyes!”She stood before me, and my jaw dropped. She was wearing lingerie and tall, leather high heels, and nothing else. She wore a peekaboo bra that. Almost.The next time she flopped down loosely, I rolled her over and pounded her until I spurted deep in her belly.That time it was me who was frantic.I think we were a little like honeymooners. Part of that might have been because, when all this happened, she only had one week left to stay. After that she was going back to California, where there would be no Uncle Bob, and she'd have to go back to her five fingers, or her own personal Lester.Come to think of it, maybe the reason I was just as. I savored the flavor and feeling in my mouth for as long as I could before having to swallow.After swallowing I moved up his body. I kissed his stomach and chest. I tongued each nipple before kissing his neck. I stood up enough to lift his balls and put his legs together. I wedged my legs between the chair and his legs to straddle him. He leaned his head back and I put my lips on his. I felt his tongue part my lips. I met it with my tongue playing with his as we kissed again. After many minutes.

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Pronhob So indian porn

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